Friday, June 16, 2006
Woke up
Nursed Atticus
Snuggled with Em next to me in bed
Changed Em's diaper
Went to the bathroom
Brushed my teeth
Changed Atticus' diaper
Got Em dressed
Gave her breakfast
Took a shower
Got dressed
Ate breakfast
Checked email & blogs &
Started some laundry
Made the bed
Put Em down for her morning nap
Made dad's father's day card
Called my sister to confirm dad's zip code (I always forget it!)
Took it out to the mailbox, along with Atticus' birth announcements (sure he's only 6 weeks old *smirk*)
Listened to Em not napping but whining in her bed
Nursed Atticus
Swept the floor
Mopped the floor
Made some tater tots
Packed diaper bag
Blew dry hair
Put on mascara
Got a drink of Dt. Dr. Pepper
Got Em up from her 15 minute total nap
Changed her diaper
Got her juice
Gave her tots
Fed Atticus a bottle
Talked to Shaun on the phone
Headed out the door
Loaded/unloaded kids from car
Went to Scrap Etc. (bought some Technique Tuesday Santa Cruz stamps at 50% off!)
Met Shaun there to get grocery money from him (we're doing the envelope system)
Went to get Shaun's Father's Day gift
Came home
Unloaded kids
Changed Em's diaper
Gave her juice
Changed Atticus' diaper
Nursed him
Put Em down for a nap
Washed dishes
finished laundry
Picked up toys
Nursed Atticus
Got Em up
Fed her dinner
Bathed Em
Got her dressed for bed
Bathed Atticus
Gave Atticus his evening bottle
Watched Em watching silly Chinese video on Google videos
Put Em to bed
Dealt with fussing Atticus for 45 minutes
Gave up and took a bath
Bawled my eyes out with the despair of never having a moment to myself
Ate pasta IN the tub because I had no time to eat
Straightened hair
Gathered stuff for trip to see g'parents tomorrow
Nursed Atticus
Ate a cookie & some popcorn
Finally got Atticus to settle down at 10:39

Having a moment to myself.

(I will probably use this in some journaling on a layout to remind myself in the future of what it was like to be a mommy of little ones. Sorry for the long post. I needed to get it out of my system... and to see on paper that I did accomplish a lot today. Now- off to wash up some more dishes, clean up the table from dinner... and maybe play with my new stamps. Sleep- eh, who cares about sleep?)
Anonymous Adrienne said...
OMG Virginia! I am sorry, but you KNOW I am chuckling over here...ok...LAUGHING..hope you do use this journaling on a LO! And you forgot to add....."talked to Adrienne while driving home from the SB store, getting upset because a LOUD truck drove by my car.....

love ya girlie! tee hee

Anonymous gretchen said...
love your honesty V!! hope you have an awesome weekend!! if you need more moments to yourself, feel free to use us as babysitters!

Blogger Sarah said...
oh dear, you have totally shifted me back into about 3 1/2 years ago. I forgot. It gets better. Thanks for the reminder. It does go by quickly.

BTW- envelope system has been in effect at our house too. Turned into a rather long term thing. It's good.

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