Tuesday, June 20, 2006
summer fun?
ok, so my kid might adapt to the enormous change from crib to toddler bed like it's a piece of cake, but play in the swimming pool on a hot alabama day?

not a chance.

(oh, and that red spot on her nose is from head diving down the stairs at church. another no-biggie for her. what a weird kid.)
Blogger Michelle Sanders said...
Awwwww...these pics are too cute! I have some simular pics of my niece around that age in the baby pool. Well I had to scrap them and the title read "Baby Pool Drama"! How funny! You must post your layout when you do it!

Blogger Karen said...
Poor thing!

Anonymous Adrienne said...
LOL, too cute. Aj was like that, he liked to STAND in the water, but NOT sit in it! LOL

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