Tuesday, June 20, 2006
So Em's first night in the toddler bed was a huge success! She went down surprisingly well; the normal amount of obligatory protesting, but no big dramas.

The only hiccup in the evening was when we heard her figure out how to open her closet doors and get her popper toy out and begin rolling it around. After the use of some duct tape (on the closet doors, not her), the evening progressed quite nicely. She was asleep by 8 (!!) and slept soundly until 7 the next morning. No middle of the night freak outs or anything. And she just banged on her door the next morning to get out.

I am amazed.

She even took her afternoon nap in there yesterday, and last night was fine again. The only thing is, this morning, she was asleep by her door. I got up around 5:30 to use the bathroom and went to go peek in at her.

I quietly turn the doorknob and begin to slide the door open when I feel a bunch of resistence. And then hear a little movement.

I get down on the floor and look under the door to see chubby little knees all folded up and Lambie.

I guess at some point in the night or early this morning she came over to the door- but she never made a peep. Don't know what the little girl was up to.

Atticus spent the second night in his crib, but I have the habit of getting up and nursing him around 1am... and then falling asleep with him cuddled up in my arms. I've GOT to change that because I'd rather not sleep with him in the bed with us all night long. I think I'm gonna have to get up and nurse him in the living room or somewhere a little less comfortable so I stay awake- and he ends up back in his own bed.

It's kinda weird that he's out of his little moses basket... Em slept in it a bit longer than this. But since he rolled over on Saturday, I don't want him sleeping in his basket because it's made for bitty infants- not big boys who roll over! :)

I'm sure this has been a fascinating post for all of you. LOL
Blogger Katie said...
Actually, I did find this post very interesting. We will eventually have to move J to a toddler bed so I was eager to see how that went. I always got up to nurse J on the couch. That doesn't mean I didn't fall asleep sitting up though! Exhaustion plus.

Blogger -C said...
Sam had a similar adjustment to his toddler bed ... but we OFTEN found him on the floor by the door! Now, he just climbs out of his bigger bed and finds our bed to fall asleep. He usually sleeps through the gentle move to his bed for the night. I guess they just want to be close to the people they love the most. :)
P.S. if you don't like the duct tape look, the safety 1st doorknob covers are great for closet doors too!

Blogger Karen said...
We are getting ready to switch Elliya over, hopefully this weekend. We wanted to give her a few nights back in her comfy crib after our trip though! Duct tape was our friend when Elliya was taking her diaper off!

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