Sunday, June 11, 2006
weekends at our house can either be crazy or relaxing... it doesn't ever seem to be an in-between.

but this weekend has been {good}.

our plans originally were to go visit the in-laws for a little grandparent fix for the kids, but unfortunately, contagious stuff was lying in wait for us there, so our trip was postponed until another day.

so we were left with a day stretching ahead of us with all sorts of possibilities...

after a rough start with em that included her dumping out every single one of her toys and books in the play room and refusing to help clean up, which led to discipline and tears and frustration and early naps... i accomplished a LOT:

  • i cleaned house (including sweeping. i never realized that having an old home with all hardwood floors meant so much sweeping. BUT: the Swiffer is my friend.*grin*)
  • did the prefunctory walmart run (including dragging the kids along and getting really frustrated at people who like to stop in the middle of the aisle, thus blocking it for everyone on both sides... and then contemplating for a good solid 5 minutes which brand of mustard they want to by. completely unaware of before-mentioned folks waiting on either side. PET PEEVE!!!!)
  • bought some yummy smelling candles, and was happily surprised that the $2.97 vanilla three wick jar candle i bought really scents up the whole play/scraproom!
  • organized my bookshelf to the way i want it
  • shaun cleaned off the back porch of various items that had been dumped there from different on=going projects in the house
then ginger & donnie (my aunt & uncle who are really close in age to us and feel more like sister & brother-in-law) and another couple we knew came over for a spur of the moment cookout with our new grill... yum. we have this totally delicious seasoning that our friends jeremy & christa have gotten us hooked on: texjoy. unfortunately, you can't find it around here so we have to wait for them to make visits to louisiana so we can get our drug, er, i mean, seasoning fix. :) last time they went they brought back several jars of it so we are set up for a while.... hee hee

today we slept in (oops!) and missed church, but have been enjoying family time:
  • snuggling the kids together in bed
  • me completely organizing em's closet and weeding through a bunch of toys and clothes to give to hannah home (as prompted by yesterday's debacle with the mess- LOL)
  • a little organizing in the bathroom to get it more functional
  • shaun and i getting to watch "the office" for the first time and TOTALLY cracking up- soooo funny
well, i hear em waking up (i.e. whining and moaning coming from her room) so i must go and tend to the Princess. :)

laters... hopefully i'll have some creative stuff to share with y'all this week!
Anonymous toya said...
I love slow lazy days,,cuddling also sounds good too, lol

Blogger Jennifer said...
I totally agree on the shopping pet peeve.

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