Sunday, June 11, 2006
Ok who the heck are you??!!
So yesterday I signed up for "extreme tracker," a blog visitor tracking system. It tells me how many unique visitors come to the site, where/if they were referred from a link from another site... etc.

And I discovered that in the past 2 days, I've had 54 unique visitors.

54, people!

I had NO idea!

So thanks for visiting my blog - it kinda puts the pressure on... I hope it's interesting. ;) And if you feel so inclined... leave me a comment every once in a while. I'm curious as to who all of these mysterious visitors are. Hee hee :)
Blogger -C said...
ok, ok ... i'll come out of hiding! :) When Christa told me about your place on the ITeam at ScrapEtc., I figured you could help inspire me ... and you have! I love seeing pics of what you do ... of course, Karen has a link to your blog now, too.
not sure if i'm one of the 54 though as I've been visiting via bloglines for awhile.

Blogger fastbackstang said...
I guess I'll come out of hiding too. I jumped here from the ScrapEtc messageboard (I think), and I liked your blog, so I have it added to my list of blogs in Bloglines. I live in GA and REALLY wanted to come to the event a few months back, but I just didn't have the money. Hopefully next time I can start saving early, or just charge it, since I regretted not charging it this time.

Oh, and I LOVE your house and how you have it decorated/organized. Looks so nice and cozy. ;)

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