Friday, June 02, 2006
I know you've had 'em too.
Yesterday was one of those days.

I'm actually too exhausted this morning to even go into it. Suffice it to say, I had not one, but TWO kids pee on my bed yesterday (had washed the sheets and changed them after kid #1 peed on the bed, then as soon as I had made the bed- presto. Kid #2's diaper leaked. Greeeat.)

I also had cereal for dinner. Again. Didn't get to take my shower or unwind until 9:40, after a trip to Walmart with Atticus for groceries, in which I realized I hadn't been to the bathroom in hours and had to drag his carseat out of the cart and into the stall with me so I could actually concentrate on what I needed to buy. (Sorry if that's too much info, folks!)

Anyways... today's a new day and it's gonna be much better. Right? ;)

One good thing from yesterday was that I got to go to Scrap Etc. and pick up some goodies... got the new Sassafrass Lass doodled borders stamps (I can't WAIT to play with these!), some Bazzill green flowers, and some of this cutie Daisy D's paper. Love these fun bright colors!

Another cool thing from yesterday is my good friend Adrienne received an email about her very first publication of a layout in Paper Art magazine! WOooot Wooot! I am so excited for her... I can't believe it's taken the mags this long to recognize her talent! ;)

Today, Shaun is picking up a bed frame for me that we found on Craig's List. Yay! I'm very excited.

Other things on my agenda:
-Print out labels for our birth announcements (considering he's about to be a month old, I figured I'd better get on this.)
-Pack up maternity clothes to store in the attic (hope I won't need these for a good long while!)
-Do a little scrapping
-Go to an interview for a child care worker job at a church... not sure what I'm thinking about this yet. I found out about this opportunity yesterday. It's on Wed, Fri, and Sun nights; thought it would be nice to make a little extra cash. The only thing I gotta find out is if I can bring the kiddos, or at least, Em. We'll see...

Gotta run. Atticus is squeaking in the other room... :)
Anonymous Adrienne said...

Hope today is MUCH better than yesterday!!!

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