Thursday, June 22, 2006
Ho hum
Another day, another dollar.

Or rather, not.

Do you ever feel, as a stay at home mom, that it's rather unrewarding work? I totally think that the government should set up some kind of monetary reward system for those who stay home with their kids. Or something. It'd be really nice to get a paycheck every once in a while, you know, just to say, "Hey- we value you too!"

I mean, seriously- I know the rewards from this are not physical, not something I can hold in my hands (unless you count squeezy little hugs- which in all honesty, are a million times better)... I will see the payoff down the road sometime. Hopefully.

But whew. I wouldn't turn down a paycheck either. ;)

Today we're going to lay low. It's too hot to really venture outside anywhere. I'd just rather not end up soaking in sweat two seconds after having taken my shower. The house is pretty much clean, just need to put away a load of laundry. I'm contemplating sweeping and mopping, but I think I might just save that 'til tomorrow.

Today is going to be a "Virginia, you've been working your butt off, how 'bout slipping yourself a few minutes at the scrapping desk day."

If the kids cooperate. :)

Yeah. Hmmm.
Anonymous Adrienne said...
I hope the kids co-operate so you can get some time in. But you are SO right, I was home for FOUR years, so i TOTALLY know what you are going through right now! Hope you have a great day!!!

Anonymous Molly said...
I feel ya sista! I get board staying home all day... I honestly miss work

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