Saturday, June 24, 2006
Clean & Simple, The Sequel

Ok, so I am not a "clean & simple" type scrapbooker, in the way that I thought that word was defined.

I wasn't sure if I'd like Stacy Julian's book, "The Big Picture," because I don't normally scrap in the same style.

Same thoughts with Cathy Zielske's book, "Clean & Simple, the Sequel."

But oh my word, y'all.

These books are amazing.

I need to do a full post on my thoughts on them, but as a
brief brief brief plug for them, if you have ever felt:
  • discouraged in scrapbooking
  • felt like you were never going to "catch up"
  • felt like your journaling was empty, or always said, "here we are doing ____ and it was so much fun"
  • wondered wby your pages don't ever have quite that polished look to them
  • thought that nobody else was going to care about your scrapbooks but you

then you need to read Cathy Z's book. I highly recommend it. And once I'm done with it, I will post my full review and fave highlights. This chic rocks and has once again, revived my feelings for journaling REAL stuff in my albums and made me feel just fine about never being "caught up."

Anyways, the point of this post is that she challenges you in one of the sections of the book to do "high-low" journaling for two weeks, in order to get you started on recording your day and getting used to your "voice." The basic idea is to sit down every night and write out the high point of the day, and the low point. It may sound dorky or boring at the moment, and maybe even while you're journaling, but it's easy, simple, attainable journaling, and once the two weeks are over, you're supposed to go back and read it and see how you captured some of the best/worst moments of the past two weeks.

So I'm doing this.

I'm on my second night, and already I'm diggin it. It's so
pressure free. It's easy. And I feel like it's very therapeutic. Like I have closure on my day.


Just wanted to also say- I know I've sounded kinda gloomy & overwhelmed on here lately, with the whole motherhood thing and all.... but one of my "high" points of today was the reinstatement of my weekly night off. It was something Shaun and I started last summer after Em was born. He took her for the evening and I was free to do whatever I wanted every Thursday night, kid free. Weeeeeeeeee. Unfortunately, with the onset of pregnancy, I gave up my weekly night's out for the much more appealing night in. On the bed. Sleeping. Hee hee

But now that Atticus is almost two months, I'm raring to go and he's old enough to survive a few hours without mommy. ;)

So watch out B'ham. A newly revived and perky mommy is going to be on the loose. You'll probably spot her living it UP in such crazy places as the local bookstore, or the library, or (watch out- this is WILD!) the craft store. LOL


Oh, and on a random note,

does it get any cuter than this?
Anonymous Christine said...
What adorable pictures of Em!! Love that innocent look.

Anonymous adrienne said...
Ok! I LOVE that cathy Z book. JUST LOVE IT! ANd I hope you have a FAB time out on your night out!!!!!! If you need another adult to talk, know how to reach me! LOL AND I LOVE THAT PIC OF EM!!!!!!

Blogger fastbackstang said...
Thanks for the comments about the books. I've had the big picture book on my *wish* list for awhile, but of course, I always get something else instead. I think I'll get it next. And as for Cathy Z's book, I don't see myself as a clean and simple scrapper either, so I never considered that book. But, after reading your review it is going on my list also. ;)

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