Friday, June 02, 2006
2 posts in one day- wowsers!
I forgot to mention two more neat things:

First, yesterday was the "due date" for the first round in the Inspiration Team's Circle Journal. Here's a peek at my journal... of course, you'll have to wait to see the whole thing! ;) (Once I get it back I'll scan the pages so you can see it better...)

Second, I was browsing through Kristina Contes' gallery on 2peas the other day and noticed she kept using quotes from this guy: Brian Andreas. You should totally check him out. I love his stories- they are short, like one paragraph long, but they give you a glimpse into a whole world or situation. I love 'em. You can subscribe to them and get a daily story sent to you. A little perk to my days now.:)

(Here's an example of his work:)

"Are we your real children? they said & I said we had our pick of all the children in the world & we took a few home to try out & though we tried to return them later, it was more trouble than it was worth, so we kept them & loved them & taught them all the stuff they'd need to know when it came time for them to choose, so they wouldn't make the same mistakes we did & later I heard one of them say they didn't know about being a parent if it was as risky as all that."
Anonymous Adrienne said...
This is fantastic!!! I can't wait to add my entry !

Anonymous toya said...
Hey Virginia, I have heard alot about you from Adrienne and your artwork is indeed beautiful, so I guess she was really putting me on to someone with a good taste for scrapping. I enjoyed you blog, have a great day

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