Tuesday, May 16, 2006
Things I said today...
"Emerson, get the shoe off of your brother's head."

"What the heck... what is bunched around your ankle, Em? .... Oh. Your diaper. Nice."

"Emerson, it's time to go night night."

"Emerson, it's time to go night night."

"Go to sleep, Emerson."

"*Sigh* Here's Lambie. Now go to sleep."

"I love you, Emerson."

It's definitely taking some adjusting to being the mommy of two... but it's nice, in those rare moments, when your kids are both snuggled up to you in bed, first thing in the morning. :)
Anonymous Adrienne said...
LOL...second update already? Yeah, you ARE back! LOL

Blogger Sarah said...
Oh man.
You are doing SO well.

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