Friday, May 19, 2006
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I Want...more time to scrapbook.
I Wish...I was the same size I was during my freshmen year in college!
I when people are fake- but I find myself doing it way too often.
I Am...surprised that I am a mom of two kids already!
I time with my husband (sans kids)
I Hear...Dave Ramsey on the radio, my little guy making tiny sounds, and Emerson's sound machine
I Wonder...what next summer will hold for our family
I Can't Imagine...what my kids' personalities will be like as they grow
I Am Not... a good cook.
I the car. Really loud. Very embarressing.
I a white girl! (NO rhythm at all! LOL)
I the silliest things. And at scrapbooking events. ;)
I Am not Always...patient.
I Do have...cute feet.
I to have a full night's rest & be able to sleep in on a Saturday
I do lists, the occasional email, and blog entries.
I Make...lots of scrapbooking related stuff
I Confuse...reality with my imagination
I Know... I am soooo blessed by my family & friends
I dinner & enjoy the evening with my husband (once I take care of the fussy little guy)
Anonymous Adrienne said...
LOL! Great list! I love this one. Haven't seen that. I'm going to have to steal it! LOL

SO LAUGHING AT YOU DANCING LIKE A WHITE GIRL!! Toooo funny! And YOU, crying at scrapbook way....

Hmmmm, the OCCASIONAL email? LOL

love ya girl!

Blogger Karen said...
How fun! Thanks for playing!

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