Monday, May 15, 2006
I'm bAAAAAaaack.
Because there is WAY too much life to try to cover from the last month, I think I'm going to just summarize with pictures.

Me & Elsie Flannigan at the Scrap Etc. Event.

Oh my word, it was freaking amazing. Even in the midst of working the event and staying up to 3 in the morning (note the lack of makeup) and being waaaaay too pregnant to be doing this kind of stuff (note the puffy face), I was totally inspired by these awesome women. I caught classes from Cathy Zielske, Heidi Swapp, and Elsie Flannigan... they were so inspiring. It was all about the thought process behind your art- why you do what you do. And I'm totally pumped to do some creating & playing now.

Also, the other chics on the Inspiration Team at Scrap Etc. were a joy to work with. I am so blessed to be a part of this team... I just love it! We are all about to start circle journals together, and I can't wait to get to know each of them better through this (and how LUCKY am I to get to have a piece of art from each of them?!?!)

We moved into our new home... or rather our new "old" home. It was built in 1925 and has tons of character. I'm in love. :) It's got hardwood floors and tongue-in-groove walls... we are in the process of painting the interior and making it "ours." So far, we've got the living room & den painted ("punk rock" green from Glidden) and the master bedroom ("sunny" yellow from Glidden). The dining room is going to be red and the kitchen will be yellow when it's all done. Oh, and Emerson's room is pink & Atticus' is blue, of course. :)

I have a scrap room/play room for me & the kids... which is awesome. The best part of the house is the screened in front porch. We have used it soooo much already. It's perfect for swinging on the swing and enjoying the breeze from the ceiling fan while Em plays. I feel like the perfect little southern belle.

The bigge st news ... our little guy Atticus made his appearance in the world on May 4th at 10:46 am. I was induced a little bit early- and I'm glad my doctor made that call. Atticus weighed 7 lbs. 14 oz (1 oz more than Em did at birth- and she was 2 weeks past her due date!) and was 21 inches long. Labor & delivery was absolutely amazing. I got my epidural and hour after the induction started, so I barely felt a thing. I even took a nap! We watched "Batman Returns" and I started pushing around 10 am. It was a close call- my doctor didn't think I would deliver as fast as I did and they had to tell me to stop pushing so that we would have a doctor in there to deliver him!! I actually really enjoyed the whole thing. LOL Thought I would NEVER say that!

This gorgeous pic was taken by my friend Adrienne... it takes a talented photographer to make a post-partum mom in the hospital look this good! ;)

Our happy little family... :)

Anyways, folks. I'm back in the blogging world once again. Look for frequent updates on my crazy life!
I'm so glad you're back :) I've been lost w/o you dear friend!! I love your house & Atticus has the sweetest face! We miss you guys!

Blogger ScrapNancy said...
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Blogger ScrapNancy said...
Congrats on the beautiful new home and the beautiful new baby!

(deleted previous post because of computer error - sorry!)

Anonymous Adrienne said...
OH WELCOME BACK "V"! MISS YOU (not like I have NOT talked/email you! LOL) SO MUCH GIRL! Can't wait to come out there and do another shoot! the house, glad everyone is doing well! And ya look so cute!!! NOT PREGNANT! LOL

Blogger Katie said...
welcome back!

Blogger Sarah said...
wow! Such a big time in life! LOVE the new house!!!!! So adorable!!! Your family is gorgeous. Very happy for you my dear!

Blogger Karen said...
Yeah! You guys look great!

Anonymous michele said...
he is just beautiful!!! congrats! and i love the name!! (harper's name comes from, i'm assuming, the same place as his!) oh, and i love your new/old home too ... look so much like our old old home that we moved FROM a year ago. still miss that li'l bungalow.

Blogger Andy said...
hey virginia congrats on baby #2. he's so cute. i love the black and white of the two of you. oh and this is jenn andrews from sebc. i found your blog once before from karen's blog and got to her's from crystal's.

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