Thursday, May 25, 2006
A girl after her mom's own heart
So... I'm getting ready the other day, and I notice the house is especially quiet.

Too quiet.

My mommy alarm IMMEDIATELY begins blaring its sirens, and I go off in search of Emerson (and whatever harm she may be inflicting on either Atticus or the house or herself. Or all of the above.).

This is what I see.

Apparently, the little ribbon ends hanging out of my ribbon organizer in my scrap area were just too appealing to her little hands to pass up.

Oh, and that last pic: that's her trying to share the ribbons with Atticus.
Anonymous Adrienne said...

Blogger Karen said...
How precious! Made me smile!

Anonymous Molly said...
that is adorable!!! I am so glad she has and eye for ribbon and that she wants to share!

Blogger the queen said...
Be glad it's only ribbon that can be put away. My 1yr old pulled out 6 feet of tape runner and used my red eye correction pen to color with. Did I mention she was eating the glue stick? (thank goodness for "nontoxic"). Very cute photos

Blogger CathyVal said...
TOO CUTE!!! She is a cutie and how sweet of her to want and share in the fun!

Blogger Katie said...
Emerson! What a cutie!!

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