Sunday, May 21, 2006
Attempt number 2

Did a few more quick little photos today on the front porch... and I had more success with these! Woohoo!

Going to hang out tomorrow with Delilah. Roomies in college, married the same year- lots of shared life experiences. Haven't gotten to hang out in a while due to work and kids and life, so looking forward to some simple connecting and chilling out.

Get to go out to eat tomorrow night with the girlies from the Inspiration Team at Scrap Etc. It's to say goodbye to our sweetie Tonya. :( Gonna miss that girl and all the love she shows to my kiddo. And also going to miss hearing "Temperature" by Sean Paul every time her phone rings. ;) LOL
Blogger Karen said...
So sweet and snuggly! Have fun with the deserve it!

Anonymous Adrienne said...
The pics are great Virginia! I can't WAIT to see you tonight! I too am going to miss Tonya!! :-(

Blogger Sarah said...
so adorable!!!

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