Friday, March 10, 2006
warning: complete rambling post
I am procrastinating cleaning up my scrap space. I am so afraid of what's under that pile! Hee hee

I have a huge pile of stuff on my desk that is the result of too many lazy nights. Not only do I have a bunch of scrapping stuff to put away, I have 2 towering stacks of photos that really need to be sorted and labeled so I can figure out what the heck I'm doing next time I do go to scrap something... which should hopefully be soon. I went to Scrap Etc. this week and got some new Basic Grey stuff (which I love) and some very cool Fancy Pants chipboard flowers (which I am hoping to alter this weekend). Fun stuff to play with.

This week is looking to be a full one again... tomorrow Shaun is helping some friends of ours move into their new rockin' house (it was built in the '40's - I think - and is very cool & full of character. Just what I love in a house!) and I"m hopefully going to just chill out at home and give the ol' preggo body a rest. THEN it's beauty shop time; I'm going to give my aunt highlights. She will then probably kick my butt playing scrabble or some such thing. ;) We have a tour of the hospital on Tuesday (so I can figure out where to go when Atticus finally arrives), I have a doctor's appt. for a check up on Thursday, my brother's fiance` is going to be in town and I'm going to hang out with them (and hopefully take some pics of them together!) and I'm sure there's probably several other things that will be going on next week. YIKES!

Oh, and did I mention that we want to start looking for a new home?

(Not to even touch on the fact that next week is Hall of Fame calls week! ACK!)

Sooo.... guess I'd better go do some therepeutic cleaning of the ol' scrap desk.
Blogger Katie said...
You definately need to give yourself a little rest! Always good for preggies :)

Can't wait to see what you do with the Fancy Pants chipboard. I know it will be great as usual. I bought a ton of the BG too! I loooovvve it!

No need to worry about calls next week...just promise to share a little of your prize package with me : ) I know your entry was awesome.

Blogger Sarah said...
Have fun sorting! Hey- it's better than cleaning the closet, right?

The BG is delicious. I have to go get some more, i think.

I got some of that BG too!! Im still clinging to hope that my phone rings! LOL....Im playing around with my chipboard now...I have orange acrylic paint EVERYWHERE!

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