Saturday, March 18, 2006
Well, in case you are all wondering (because I know you just sit there in your home, gazing out the window, imagining my exciting life) ;) ---

no, I did not get a call for CK's 2006 Hall of Fame.

It actually kinda depressed me, and I felt a little silly about that. I mean, I knew that I pretty much had a snowball's chance in you-know-where, but there's still that little teensy part of you that hopes. I mean, I wouldn't enter unless I didn't think I had some sort of chance, right?

But oh well. Such is life, right? I'm actually really glad I did it. It totally stretched me as a scrapbooker. Normally when I scrap, my process is to sit down, pull out some photos that inspire me, select some papers, and create away until it "look right." Then it's done.

With my HoF entries, I labored over them. I'd work on them, set them aside, come back a few days later, make adjustments, add stuff, take away... and do the process again several times. Very different for me.

I guess that's, in some way, why it's hard to deal with why the peeps at CK didn't love them... because it's like rejecting a part of me. I worked so much on them; I love them.

And I still do. :)

I'm in the process of finally being able to share them with everyone... I'm working on uploading them to 2peas & and once I get them all up, I'll share the links here.

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me and cheered me on along the way- it's helped a lot. I feel like I've evolved even more as a scrapper through this process.


A few exciting things from my week:
opened up their NEW gallery & message board this week and it ROCKS! Be watching for the grand opening of their online store this Monday! Woohoo! (Lots of free stuff & contests going on over there- come check it out!)
-I hit the 7 week mark. As in, 7 weeks 'til my due date. As in, 7 weeks 'til my fragile life as I know it changes- again. As in, 7 weeks 'til I get to snuggle my sweet little boy.
-I received several sweet emails & praises on layouts that I'd posted on 2peas, from complete strangers, from scrapbookers I really admire, from dear friends. :) Made my day.
-I made the invitations for Emerson's first birthday... so hard to believe that in 2 weeks, our little baby girl won't quite be a baby anymore.
-We went house hunting for the first time. Very eye-opening and interesting and fun. Can't wait to see more and hopefully start making offers. :)
-I got to meet my brother's fiance; so wonderful to see him in love with someone that is so perfect for him.
YOu know you RAWK Chicka!!!!!!! Im SO glad we are friends!!!

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