Saturday, March 11, 2006
this is what happens...

...when i've been reading adrienne's blog and see her cool new scrap room

...when i get carried away until 1am

...when you give me a circle punch

...when a pregnant woman, 8 weeks away from her due date, is feeling the nesting urge

.... when I get carried away labeling & organizing.

{Now I've got to go through my drawers and sort through that stuff. And the photos, which didn't get touched last night!}
OH MY Virginia!!! LOL....TOO FUNNY! I LOVE IT! Hey, can I come to YOUR place?!!? NEsting...NO NOT YET!!! We still have pics to take! LOL

Anonymous michele said...
who ever said nesting was a bad thing? lol looks great!! and that's one good way to get those last weeks to fly by!

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