Friday, February 10, 2006
a gypsy said.
Today I am shopping in Walmart with my friend Stephanie and accompanied by, of course, Emerson. I am standing with my very rotund belly, looking at the earrings, when from around the corner comes a short, round man. He is balding, has the remaining hair on his head cut in a buzz cut style, and has what looks to be the beginnings of handlebar mustache.

"You're having a boy!" he quickly proclaims, as if in a hurry.

Surprised at his sudden proclamation, I replied, "That's what a lot of people have told me."

Then, after pausing for a moment, he says, "Well, I haven't been wrong in 15 years. I shop in this section of Walmart every day; I'm a gypsy. If you have a girl, find me, and I'll pay you $2,000."

I ask, "How can you tell it's a boy?"

He says, "It's your feet." (Which I have encased in my platform Volcom black sneakers.")

"Um, thanks." says I.

1. My feet?! What the heck?

2. A GYPSY?! Double what the heck!

3. A gypsy that shops in the same section (the jewelry section?!) of Walmart every day? I thought gypsies were, like, nomads. Don't they travel around in brightly covered tents, with their fortune telling glass balls and flame-throwers?

4. Maybe I'll dress Atticus in a lot of pink and hang out in the jewelry section so I can pick up my $2,000.
Blogger Katie said...
that's hilarious. what wal mart were you at? lovin the name atticus btw.

ROFLOL! Virginia, that is SO funny!!!!

Blogger Sarah said...
Should have said, "I'll see you and raise you. Name him, and if you're wrong, you can pay me 4000.00!!!!"


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