Sunday, February 26, 2006
Designing and etc.
Whew. It's been forever and a day since I've been able to sit down and blog. And honestly, I technically would like to be reading, but I just started a new book and I'm waiting for my banana bread to finish baking, and it drives me crazy to be interrupted just when I start getting into a story... so I figured I'd blog. (If that's not a run-on sentence, I don't know what is!)

I am feeling majorly pregnant lately. It's finally dawning on me that I need to be preparing for this little guy to arrive. I get so caught up in every day life that I forget that there are things that need to be done for him. I haven't had my baby showers yet, so I can't get about organizing and washing his clothes (my favorite part!), but I do need to get his little moses basket ready and figure out final plans for when I do go into labor.

I've been told SEVERAL times lately that I look like I'm going to deliver twins. Gee, thanks folks. I think that's because a lot of thise pregnancy is in my belly. I mean, I know that sounds like a "Duh!" statement, but seriously folks. It looks like a rocket's going to blast off from there or something.

We made reservations to take a tour of the hospital, and we are bringing Emerson with us. I will definitely be taking pics. It's so hard for me to grasp the fact that she is going to be a big sister. I want to make her a little onesie using the Heidi Swapp stamps and fabric paint that says "Big Sis." :)

We've also realized that we can go ahead and start looking for a house, and I'm so freaking excited. We met with our realtor for the first time this past Friday, and our next task is to get pre-approved for financing. I'm nervous about that part, but can't wait to get over it so we can start looking at homes! I may finally have one of my dreams come true: a "library/scraproom."

This weekend was the Inspiration Team Retreat for Scrap Etc. It was sooooo much fun. Monique- the hippest scrap store owner ever ;) - had us STOCKED UP on supplies. It was almost too much for me to deal with to create. I mean, can I say Heidi Swapp stuff galore?! I did a lot of altering this weekend. I felt like I was in the Elsie Flannigan mode for some of the things I was doing. Bright colors, lots of flowers & rick rack and doodling. Kind of different for me, but the way I was feeling. I think the gloomy weather was off-setting that and I needed something bright and cheerful.

Our stuff should be posted on our personal galleries on the Scrap Etc. site soon, so check it out. (Oh, and by the way- I'm really not that fat. Just think, "Pregnancy. Swelling. Virginia has a nice skinny face normally.") ;)

And I must say, there are some sweet chicas on the IT. You gals, if you are stalking me, I had a lot of fun creating with y'all this weekend! You inspire ME! :)
Ummm, can I have some banana bread? I had fun working with you too!!!!!! But Im SO glad its over! can't wait until next time! LOL

Blogger Katie said...
I loved working with you this weekend. And you are a DARLING! pregnant person. So so cute : )

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