Monday, February 06, 2006
Bad blogger, bad!

I've been a bad blogger (oops, almost wrote BLOOGER. Hee hee) lately. And to make matters worse, I only have like 5 seconds to update because I really wanted to get my 1 million loads of laundry folded before Shaun gets home from work, so Iprobably should get off of here pretty fast.

A quick highlight of my week:

-Finally went postal with my Hall of Fame entry! Wahoo. Out of sight, out of mind. Well, kinda. (And the week of March 15, I will be insane with waiting to hear!)

-Visited with the in-laws, got a "family pic" of Shaun, Em, and myself. It's not the greatest- please ignore my puffy preggo-ness- but at least we've got one!
-Went to my first Scrap Etc. Inspiration Team meeting! It ROCKED! Met with Monique (& her husband Jeremiah), Tonya, Adrienne, Katie, Raunda, & Christine, a few of the oh-so-talented people behind Scrap Etc. Got to hear all sorts of cool stuff about CHA and things in the works for the store, as well as the Big Event in April.... also got my first batch of stuff to work on for layouts & projects! I'm PLAYING tonight!

-Got my head shot done for the Scrap Etc. website... can't wait to be able to share!

-Learned how to hem pants. Tomorrow: tackling making one of those bucket things I mentioned a few posts down. Got the cutes green, pink, & chocolate fabric for making them.

-Finally got to meet Adrienne and shared some yummy Starbucks with her. She is so fun to talk to and be around! (But you probably already figured that out, if you read her blog! LOL)

-Watched this hilarious (and REAL) preview for Scrapped, the movie.

Ok, gotta stop procrastinating and fold this laundry.

Tee hee!!! Hope you got all the laundry folded! I do my BEST work 20 minutes before my husband gets home! LOL

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