Tuesday, January 24, 2006
this 'n that
a card i made

a bird i found (at the thrift store)

{it's a little bag- from bath & body works, i believe. perfect for holding little scrap goodies! i love seeing it sitting next to my desk. he's so silly!}
Blogger Dirk the Feeble said...
I would totally put that bird on my desk.

CUTE bird....I LOVE the thrift store!!!!!! Ugh! LOL..Must.Find.Time.To.Go! Love the card!!!!

Anonymous michele said...
omg ... how much do i LUV that bird?! must find one on ebay for my little bird harper!!

oh, and congrats on the dt gig!! super awesome!!

Blogger Jessica said...
Very cute (card and bird). Saw your name on the scrap etc. site. Fun to read a blog of someone of similar age and geography.

Blogger Sarah said...
Great card, and I love that cute bird!!!

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