Wednesday, January 18, 2006
Oh. My. Word.
Tonight has been amazing. Simply amazing.

It has been the desire of my heart for a while now to make scrapbooking a bigger part of my life. I have been slowly beginning to submit things to magazines in hopes of being published. I have resolved/intended (hee hee) to create every day- and for the most part, I have! (It has been so much fun too!)

I have been looking for a design team to apply to... but hadn't found somewhere that was looking for new members, that I felt I "fit" with.

Tonight at dinner, I was discussing this with Shaun, and telling him how I really felt like a design team would be so much fun to be on, but I hadn't really found the right thing yet. I had seen a few options, but didn't feel 100% about what to do, where to apply to.


I check my email.

And find out that my local scrapbook store, Scrap Etc., only the greatest coolest bestest store, wants me on their design team.

**** More on this when I get out of my excitement induced labor. Ok, not really, but I am freaking out excited over here!!!!!****
Blogger Katie said...
Congratulations and Welcome to IT!

CONGRATS!!! TEe HEE!! Can't WAIT to work with you!!!!

Blogger Sarah said...
So AWESOME!!!!!!! Wow. So happy for you! That store is rocking! All that scruptious HS stuff? You are so lucky!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
YAY! We are so excited for you. I told Jeremy Thursday and he was happy for you, too!!
Hope you don't screw this up! (just kidding, of course) :)

Blogger Jada's Gigi said...
Congratulations Virginia! So excited for you!

Blogger Cherry Moon said...
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! I used to work for a store called Scrapbooks, Etc. in Mesa, AZ :)

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