Sunday, January 08, 2006
Food for thought
In the midst of being bitten by the "gotta-be-published" bug, I read this thread over at two peas.

Some re-evaluating going on over here. :)

If a person is never published in a scrapbooking magazine does that mean that they are somehow less than those who are? Does it mean our memories are worth less? Of course not, but many people still feel like they won't be taken seriously unless they have been published. Feeling like they aren't good enough unless their layouts have been dog tagged in a well-loved magazine or idea book.

Let me share something with you: you are always good enough in scrapbooking. Your layout is always the best layout, even if nobody knows this but you and yours. You are being published in cherished albums. You have created tokens that represent what you love best in this world. (by Sabren
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Blogger Jada's Gigi said...
I love this post! Yes, please yourself! Its your memories after all.

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