Tuesday, December 20, 2005
In the midst of the Christmas rush...
I am still thinking about entering the HoF. I don't know, some days I am so discouraged about it. I have no actual hopes of winning or getting an honorable mention, but I know it's a good challenge for me. A way to stretch myself. Conform myself to some deadlines and assignments.

It's just that I feel like I'm not disciplined enough. Not creative enough.


I've been reading a lot of stuff lately by people who have been pubbed, or are on design teams, and what has stuck out at me is how much these people create. I mean, sure, my brain is always bubbling over with ideas, but I rarely make the time to sit down and create.

So I think, for 2006, (and I already know this is crazy and won't be accomplished, but heck, a girl's gotta try, right?) I am going to try to create for some amount of time. Every Day.

The more practice, the more defined my style gets. Which is what I need.


I know that everyone is their own worst critic, and I have lovely people like my Grams who cheer me on, but I feel like my stuff isn't different or creative or whatever enough. Isn't great enough to really inspire others.

But I also keep hearing: "they" are always looking for new faces, new takes on old ideas, etc.

Maybe I'll be able to give them something a little different.

I guess another thing is realizing my goals. I don't want to be the next Heidi Swapp or Elsie Flannigan (although, heck- if I could look like them, or have an eense of their creativity, I wouldn't mind it!) ; ) I don't want to be "famous" or have my name be the talk of the message boards.

I think I just want my work recognized, in some small way... validating me. Yep. Isn't that kind of sad?

I also want the free goodies that come with the deal. ;) Heh heh

I think really, what I'd really like, is a gig with a small design team. Nothing prestigious, just something to support my habit.

Well, that's all been in my mind lately... just needed to ramble for a while. Sorry for all the self-absorbedness (whoa is that even a word?)

Speaking of words-

check out dictionary.com
and their "Word of the Day."

It's pretty fun. I subscribed to their email service so I get a new word to add to my vocabulary each day. Shaun and I like to sneakily insert it into conversation with each other to see if the other one notices.

Yep. We really are that nerdy.
I want to be publised too, but feel the SAME way you do! You can do it!!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Creating something EVERY day would be a challenge, especially with what you've got going on. However, if you could go for that goal without beating yourself up if you don't make it, I think it would be really encouraging to you. I don't know if "encouraging" is really the word I am looking for, but something along those lines. I once heard that instead of making to do lists, you should try to accomplish something each day in all of your different roles. It's supposed to make you feel at the end of the day like you have truly accomplished something instead of being busy doing nothing. (This might be a fly lady thing you've heard millions of times -- I have no idea where I heard it.) Anyway, for example, as a mother, you could take time to play with Emerson, as a daughter send an email to your mom, or as a niece send Ginger a card. And, in your case, I would definitely say, one of your roles is an artist. It's probably not realistic to do all of those things every day, but it is at least a helpful ideal for me. It's good to think about all the different roles we play in different people's lives.
And now, after I have typed that, I feel like I have already told you that sometime in the past. Forgive me if I repeat myself. I am becoming old and senile.

Blogger Sarah said...
Bill put this up over my compy:

" Nothing will take the place of persistence. Talent will not (nothing is more common that unsuccessful individuals with talent.) Genius will not (unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.) Education will not (the world is full of educated failures.) Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent." Calvin Coolidge.

Who's the nerd now, baby? :)

Keep at it! You'll do it!!!

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