Tuesday, December 27, 2005
Christmas was good.
It was good for so many reasons...

  • a husband that is my best friend in the world- being able to share this time with him
  • a little girl who was silly and is loving her new toys
  • little moments here and there where I could see the reality of Christmas- the Savior and the joy He brings
  • family & friends that blessed us with love & awesome food & gifts galore
  • chilling out time after it was all over
My sweet husband, who knows his wife so well, also got me a very cool organizey thing for all my scrap stuff. I spent the better part of last night getting all my stuff "just so." Pictures to come soon. :)

I also got a TON of loot, and I feel majorly spoiled. Today it is very hard for me to focus on getting back into the swing of being a SAHM, because I just wanna play with all my new stuff.

One of the things that Shaun gave me is the book "Inkheart", which is incredible so far. I'm totally loving it, especially the fact that the main characters are all book affeciandos (is that spelled right?). It's very apposite for me. It's got a cool quote at the beginning of each chapter, most of which are about books or reading or just from a good story. Love it. I have a feeling this is going to be one of my favorite books.

Speaking of books, JK Rowling has updated her website, and it looks like she is beginning to write book #7 this week. Can you imagine that task? It must be sad for her... I think Harry has been an active part of her life for like, 15 years or something crazy like that. (I could be a *bit* off on the number of years, so don't quote me on that.) To finally close that chapter of her life (no pun intended) will be very hard indeed... although I'm sure her life will probably always have something Harry related in it.

Some little tidbits on her site (WARNING- while these aren't spoilers, these are rumors that she's refuted, so if you like to speculate and don't want to know, DON'T read any further!!) :

~Aunt Petunia will not perform magic (and hasn't ever).
~Lupin will not be killed by Wormtail's silver hand.

There are several other little juicy tidbits on there, but I'll leave those discoveries to your own wanderings.

Need to go get some stuff done while the little one naps... either that, or delve back into "Inkheart."
I'm happy you had a wonderful Christmas!!!!!

Blogger Sarah said...
Oh man. Nothing better than a new good book for Christmas!!!

Blogger Lu said...
I, too, got an organizing thingy!!! Yea for the husbands. Mine knew I needed it pretty bad.

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