Sunday, November 20, 2005
So I'm scared that I'm not gonna get my assignments done for the Hall of Fame.

It just seems like there's never enough time to sit down and do what I enjoy.

I haven't really adjusted yet to the part of mommyhood that means I get interrupted in the midst of every project, every errand, every chore.... will I ever adjust to it?

I'm constantly trying to adjust my mindset, but I think I further frustrate myself. I build up resentment towards my husband, wondering why the crap does he get to shower when he wants to, eat when he wants, etc. etc.

In all honesty, I know that it's a give and take situation, and the grass is greener on the other side, la di da. I just give in to petty resentment far too often and frustrate myself.

As far as the scrapbooking/Hall of Fame thingie, I think I just need to plan better. Maybe set aside some definite time to work on it. Actually, I'm thinking about hiring my little sister to babysit Em so I can have a break. (I'm also thinking about putting Em in a mother's day out program near our house the further along I am in my pregnancy- just for a morning every couple of weeks- so I can take a break and rest).

I'm so excited about an opportunity that has come across my path, though- via my LSS, Heidi Swapp, Elsi Flannagan, Carrie Colbert, and Cathy Zielske are coming to MY TOWN in April for a set of classes on Inspiration. I absolutely cannot wait. It's an expensive event, but guess what my Christmas present is from my family?! ;)

(more about the event here)

Went and did some Christmas shopping last night; got my sister's present taken care of, my sister in law's present taken care of, and a few things for my husband. Can I just say that seriously, my man is the HARDEST to shop for ever??!!

Gonna attempt to put up the Christmas decorations this week before we leave for Shaun's grandma's house for T-day. I love decorating for Christmas, and I usually end up adding "a bit here and there" as the season goes on. It should be interesting to see what Emerson thinks of my decorating ideas, and what she adds to them. Heh.

Well, gotta jet. Lots of laundry to do, some picking up (of course), and then later, hopefully, some relaxing. :)

Glad to see you updated!!LOL, please take some time for YOU!! I made the SAME mistake of not taking "ME" time! I have three kiddos ages 9, 6, and 4!!

Best of luck with the Hall Of Fame...Im too scared to even TRY! LOL


Blogger Sarah said...
I know that thing is gonna be so awesome...I'm thrilled you're going!

It really is OK to take time for yourself. If it keeps you from resenting S, then it is TOTALLY worth it. Take it from one who KNOWS....

Blogger Jada's Gigi said...
Please do take some time for you. You have so much more to give after you've recharged. It makes you a better wife and mommy.

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