Monday, November 28, 2005
The holliest, jolliest Christmas...
I love that I can listen to Christmas music on the radio now. Woohoo!

Well, except for the fact that I've heard Paul McCartney's struggling "Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time" at least twice today, and that's two times too many for me. How can such a talented man stoop to such a low level??!!

I set up the Christmas tree last night, and Emerson had a ball with it this morning. I put decorations on the lower branches that wouldn't hurt her and that I didn't mind her getting into. She didn't let any grass grow under her trying to get to them. Heh heh
It was fun to visit with Shaun's family for Thanksgiving... but I am so glad to be home. All three of us are home-bodies I think. We just do better in our own environment. Emerson didn't sleep well there, and ended up sleeping in our bed every night (after waking up a gazillion times). Doesn't make for good sleep for anyone.

Shaun's sister and I got to go on a fun shopping trip in Atlanta, and I drooled over stuff at Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Sephora. It kind of sucks to go shopping when you're pregnant, because you're limited on what you can buy for yourself. It also kind of sucks to go shopping when you're poor and on a tight budget. However, it does NOT suck to go shopping with your hip sister in law and leave your little one at home for a day of child-free girly time.

I will take pics of my new haircut soon and post them.. unfortunately, although my hair was decently styled today, we had tornado warnings and yucky yucky rainy weather that ruined the 'do. Cest la vie. (I think that's how that's spelled.)

Am planning on finishing decorating for the season tonight, then hopefully reorganizing my scrap area and *gasp* doing some scrapbooking! :)
What cute pics of your little one!!! Gotta love the Christmas Music!!!!

Blogger Sarah said...
Ooh, I know where you went! Wish I could've drooled at Anthropologie wit ya!

Cracking up about Paul McCartney. And does anything worse get SO so stuck in your head? NO.

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