Monday, September 26, 2005
To Grandma's house we go....
I've decided to take a mini-break from life and go visit Grams for a few days.

Mainly, the reasons why I am doing this are purely selfish in motive:

-Grams kicks butt when it comes to feeding me, and I've been craving some Cashew Chicken
-I've been promised that, for my birthday, they will let me sleep (the best gift anyone can give me!) while they take care of Em
-Shaun's going out of town for a couple of days, so I know I'm going to need the extra help
-I can watch "LOST" in the big ol' comfy recliner
-Grams & Mom have a buttload of scrapping supplies, so I'm planning on loading up some of my stuff and maybe get some creating done with them while I'm there

It's nice having family within driving distance again. :)
Blogger Sarah said...
Sounds fantastic!!!!!

Birthday, eh? Might have to show a little love...if I knew the date, that is!!!!

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