Wednesday, September 14, 2005
daddy & emerson

We've tried to make it a part of our nightly routine to read to Emerson, ever since she was a wee one.

We would read to her when she was teeny tiny, at night, to calm her down and get her lulled to sleep.

Now, she's more aware of the activity going on and tries to eat the book. She loves the attention from Mum & Dad. :)

It makes me so happy to watch Shaun reading to her. It's the stuff my dreams were made of.

Blogger Sarah said...
Oooooh! She's so scruptious! Love her legs in those jammies!
Keep it up through the "eating of the books" phase! Before you know it, she'll be wanting to read it herself!
Gosh, she's cute.

Blogger Jada's Gigi said...
She is adorable! and you're so right...a loving, participating father is a mommy's dream come true.

Blogger Tangee said...
She's ADORABLE and I LOVE her name. So sweet she is.

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