Tuesday, September 27, 2005
Banned Books Week

Did you know that this is the official ALA Banned Books Week?

You'd be surprised concerning which books are continually challenged to be banned... there are still people out there that burn books because they disagree with them.

Two of my favorite books are on the top ten list of frequently challenged books: the Harry Potter series, and "The Bridge to Terebithia."

I don't understand the ignorance behind this... and it's scary. I'm not a fan of censorship.

"Why?" you ask? Well... if we begin censoring what books are appropriate or acceptable for our society, what happens to our freedom of speech? What happens to our freedom to expand our knowledge, to open our minds, to --- read the Bible?! I'm sure God's Word is considered very offensive to some.

I also see no significance to hiding something that we don't agree with. I don't think that we should make moral decisions for someone else.

And if you are really so concerned about what is available at your library, or that your kid might read it, how 'bout reading it with them? Discussing what you don't agree with, and why. (Of course, when you think your kid is able to handle the content or whatnot.)

I know I'm completely biased in this situation, and wouldn't really listen to an arguement otherwise- which makes me ignorant
. *ashamed*

You can read more about this at the official Banned Books website

Anyways... just thought you might want to be aware.... :)

Also- this kicks butt and I want to get one (it's a "banned books" bracelet):
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hey, my extremely literate friend, what's the Bridge to Terebitha about?


Blogger Sarah said...
The way I see it, if you don't have some bias, then you are just a robot with no feelings at all, so it's silly to worry about a bias, since yours is obviously based on intelligence, logic and research! Now bias based on ignorance? Not so much sway there...

I don't know that I'll be reading Captain Underpants any time soon, but I did get HP 2 at the library today! Hooray!

Anonymous michele said...
I agree with you completely. Banned books are some of my favorite books. (How do you think I came up with the name Harper for my daughter? LOL) And I can't believe Bridge to Terebithia is banned ... I LOVED that book when I was eleven or twelve. Heck, I STILL love it! Oh, and I *must* have that bracelet ... where oh where did you find it?

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