Tuesday, September 06, 2005
Back from the Expo

So the Scrapbook Expo in Hotlanta was this past weekend...

The events of the last week involving all of the Katrina victims changed my perspective on going to the event... it's dumb that it takes something this catestrophic to open my eyes to how truly blessed I am. It was sad seeing refugees stopped at the state line rest stops, eating free food from the
Salvation Army and looking a bit shell shocked.

We had a good time, hanging out and seeking out new stuff there. It was my birthday present from my mom and Grams, and they both treated me to lots of fun goodies. Mom and my sister Mallory both won door prizes too, which was cool.
I loaded up with lots of Basic Grey, some Bazzil mono packs (brown and pinks, my faves!), some Basic Grey rubons (hella cute), & lots of odds & ends from other
manufacturers. Mallory, my little sister, really made the day fun for me because she took care of Emerson for me virtually the whole day. I was able to browse without having the stroller to navigate. Mallory was very self-sacrificing and definitely showed me that not ALL teenagers are selfish gits. ;) Thanks little sis.


Sunday night we went to go hear the band our bro-in-law plays in - Sunny So Bright. If you are ever in Birmingham, definitely go check them out. They are very cool.

We took Emerson to go see them... it was her first show. She wore her "Future Rock Star" onesie in honor of it. ;)

She did NOT like the flash on my camera! (I usually have it turned off when I take pics of her.) She did like the people, lights, and music.

Need to go organize my scrap goodies and get my scrapping area in decent shape for some creating....


Blogger Sarah said...
First: OMG she is SOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!

I've been wondering how you did at the expo! Looks like you did OK! Hope the city showed you some love- I know it must be different down there with all the evacuees, but it's still Hot-Lanta, one of the coolest cities I've ever known!
I'm off to do effer dare #6, a perfect one for a family with a name like ours!!!

Blogger Virginia said...
Thanks! I just want to squeeze the stuffing out of her sometimes, 'cause she's so darn cute. :)

Yeah, I got some fun goodies- and I've actually been able to play with some of them! Woohoo!

Lucky *said in my best Napoleon voice* You are almost a cheater with this dare. ;) J/k

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