Friday, August 26, 2005
Tracking visitors
So since Sarah tagged me (as in "tag- you're it!") on her blog to play a little game, I've been thinking- who can I tag after me?

I know I have visitors, because I track the number of hits my site gets through Site Meter

---but who are they???

(a side note: check out that site if you have a blog! You can see who's visiting by referrals too... I was surprised to see how many people clicked on my signature link on 2peas.)

SO: if you're a reader that has a blog (or just a reader), COMMENT for goodness sakes! ;)
Blogger Sarah said...
Amen! Nothing kills a blog faster than seeming lack of interest! Thanks for the info, I got the meter on mine too! My curiosity gets the better of me!
Did you see the new dare? Sigh.

Blogger Virginia said...
I know- I'm so nosy.

Yeah... the new dare. I'm kinda scared. I may end up putting that one off for a while longer. :]

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