Tuesday, August 09, 2005
so far, so good

i've done a lot on my list so far, and it's only 11:00 am! woohoo!

i feel especially accomplished, because i'm wearing some pre-pregnancy pants--- that weren't considered my "fat" pants either! i even dared to try on my Lucky jeans, and they are close to being able to fit... i can see the light at the end of the tunnel. they even *gasp* fit over my ghetto bootie and thunder thighs! ;)


yesterday i went to walmart & target to pick up a cheapo pair of tennis shoes to do regular mom stuff in. didn't need anything expensive, but didn't want to be "stylin' " in black reebok velcros or anything either. so i'm looking through the rather meager selection, trying to decide between two pair (and trying to decide if i'll look especially dorky in them), when i spot a box on the top shelf that has a style pictured on it that's pretty cute.

i pull down the box, open it up, and am greeted by skanky shoe scent and the soles of two doggone WORN out dirt encrusted tennis shoes.

apparently someone else thought the shoes in the box were pretty cute and decided to trade their old ones out for the new ones.

lol i can't even IMAGINE having the nerve to do that (besides the fact that that's just wrong)!


someone once told me that a woman should always have fresh flowers in her house... i've not really always accomplished this in my life, but i did treat myself to some of target's beeyotiful flowers yesterday. little things like that totally make my day.
Blogger Sarah said...
Loved this entry. Just finished cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, and was wondering how you did with your list! I got the sheets washed and the dishwasher emptied! Hooray!

Anonymous karen said...
Hey Virge! I am loving this blog! I feel like I can keep up with you! I am so jealous of all the scrappin you've been doing. My stuff isn't even unpacked from the move and school starts next week. LOVE the gerbra daisies!

I love that photo, Lee just brought me very similar the flowers yesterday and they are sitting on my desk :) Flowers make me HAPPY :) I worked at Canadian Tire and we sold shoes in our Outdoors Department and people used to do that all the time!!! Theft is so frustrating!

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