Friday, August 19, 2005
searching for details
ok, so i know i just said i'm outta here for the weekend, but i forgot that there was one more thing i wanted to post about.

i absolutely love to read. my passion for reading spread to my husband a few years ago, bringing us (amongst other things) to get rid of our tv so we could devote more time to reading and hanging with each other.

my favorite books to read are those that have a mystery, something to solve, to wrap my mind around and analyze. as you may have guessed by now, my current (and for the past 5 years) books to read are the harry potter books. i love how jk rowling has crafted a story so entangled with different elements of love and friendship and loyalty and fantasy and mystery and of greater things... well you get the idea.

i have spent countless hours devoted to analyzing bits of the story, predicting what may happen next; trying to determine what a character's motivation for something was; unraveling this web of tales.

i go to message boards and websites run by devoted fans like myself... read editorials on the subject, laugh at "inside jokes" about HP, etc. etc.

(this all has a point, i promise.)

i recently (as i mentioned a few posts before) saw the rest of season 1 from "Lost." (an aside- we do have a dvd player on our computer that i can watch shows and movies on.) again, it's a story with mysteries and deep character development and teasers from the writers to get the audience searching, digging, analyzing.

where am i going with all of this?

through all of this, it has become evident to me that tons of people love a mystery. tons of people love to dig into the story. tons of people respect a writer(s) who have crafted a story that grabs at the very deep parts of us. tons of people love to get to the bones of a story, and figure out the design.

so why is it so hard to share the greatest Story of them all with the masses?

why do so many reject the Bible?

i mean, clearly, there are a lot of issues wrapped up with this... but i don't think it has to be that way. it's really quite simple. complexly (is that a word?) simple. a paradox.

truly, the Word is a masterpiece of literature. it's got drama, passion, love, hate, mystery, history, poetry... and one heck of a Protagonist.

honestly, i think that in a lot of ways, we Christians have done God a disservice in all of this, and have made His Story boring. a lot of us have done a CRAP job of sharing this cool Story.

and seeing all these people that love to dig into a good story, i don't think that it's because a lack of an audience.

sorry for the ramble... it's just something that's been on my mind lately and i needed to sort through it some. any thoughts or comments would be welcome. :)
Blogger Jada's Gigi said...
This story is a spiritual story, our minds cannot figure it out or analyze it. It is a paradox, as you say, of conflicting and contradicting facts, emotions, everything. But our hearts know love and cannot help but recognize it when confronted by the greatest love of all.
Nicole Nordeman says "The love of God is so relentless in pursuit of our terrified hearts. The love of God will hunt you down until you finally spin around in exasperation (okaaay!!!) and admit how cherished you are. It gives us confidence when comfort is MIA. It gives our stories context and hope when somebody else recklessly rips out a chapter. It fills in the blanks. The love of God hoists us up on the shoulders of Jesus and hollers out the promise, "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!" It scoops us up and makes us brave."
You are right, it really is very simple. Know Him, love Him and let Him love you and that combination is unbeatable. Its worth shouting and worth hearing.

Blogger Sarah said...
Another thing that makes the Bible hard is that it isn't in order! It doesn't read like a story! It isn't even chronological. It was put together by people who organized the books from largest to smallest. (It's true! Check it out!) But I just happen to know someone who spent the ENTIRE SUMMER putting it in order!
Makes it a lot easier to read the story of This Man who is Life Itself. Peamail me if you want info. (2ps= sayfay)

Blogger Sarah said...
oh yea. I love HP too! Gripping. Amazingly well written. And I don't particularly like mysteries!

Blogger Virginia said...
Thanks for the responses, gals... of course you've given me even more to think about! :)

I think my biggest issue is that I get so frustrated with how I've been taught to pick apart Scripture like it's a science textbook- rather than seeing it as a whole. I'm having to change how I view it...

Anyways, enough rambling! :)

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