Thursday, August 11, 2005

So Shaun just came in and said,

"I've been thinking lately..."

(to which I had to smart aleckly reply, "Good for you!")

he ignores my dorky comment and continues, "You need to come up with another name for your hobby. You don't really do 'scrapbooking' anymore."

"Huh?" I reply. "Of course I do scrapbooking. What's this crackalakish?!"

"Well...," he hesitates. "I think of this: (see below) when you say 'scrapbooking.'

"You're waaaaay much better than that now," he hurriedly explains after seeing my evil eye aim in his direction. "What you do now is more like 'multi-media arts' or 'paper arts' or something like that. I just think people get the wrong impression when you tell them your hobby is scrapbooking."

"So you're embarressed about my old scrapbooks, are you?!!" I growl. (Ok not really, but I've got to make this as dramatic as possible, right?) ;)


Just thought you "scrapbookers" might find this humorous.

Apparently, this really has been on his mind lately, because he keeps asking me if I'm going to re-scrap my old albums. As if I'm not a perfectionist enough about my stuff, I've now got a husband who knows just as much about the scrapbooking subculture as I do.

Coincidentally, I found him trying to check my 2peas account the other day to see how many posts I had. He told me I didn't have very many. That I needed to get more so I could have a cool "rank name."

Next thing I know, he'll be checking Heidi Swapp's website for new products.

(p.s. that usage of the word crackalakish was brought to you today by Leca/PJscrapper/Sassafrass/llggood... and if you don't know who that is, consider yourself lucky to have missed the latest drama on 2peas.)
Blogger Sarah said...
So what do we call it? We've had this issue in my house too! As far as I'm concerned, "scrapping" sounds waaaayyy to much like, well, "crapping" and I don't think that's very artistic, do you?

Anonymous Jeff Nettles said...
Jeff Nettles said...
You have a baby? a blog? You've always done well at scrapbooking, no surprise there. I might dig around the site and see if I can see pictures of the baby. Wish I'd known that...

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