Thursday, August 25, 2005
A new layout
Did a little creating last night and produced this quick layout... Grams treated me to some more Prima flowers, so I used them on here. :) This isn't the greatest quality pic- but it gives ya the gist of the idea.

Tonight is my "night off," so I won't be doing any creating... but I plan to catch up on the Effer Dares tomorrow. I really want to do that Shel Silverstein one especially- and I saw the teaser today on 2peas on Sarah's thread... it sounds like it going to be pretty challenging!
Blogger Sarah said...
I love this! That "2" is awesome!!!
I haven't done any Prima flowers behind the times...yours look great!
Better get on that dare, girl. The new one comes out tamarra!!!!

Blogger Virginia said...
Thanks! The "2" is a Heidi Swapp stamp- I'm in love with these!

Girl, ya gotta get some prima flowers so you can be hip. ;) While you're at it, make sure you get some Target document boxes and some top loading lunchboxes. Hee hee

I know- I'm working on Effer dare #4 this morning BEFORE I allow myself to go check out #5. :)

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