Wednesday, August 10, 2005
my first 11 x 8.5 layout

did a little creating today whilst emerson fussed. gotta relieve my stress somehow.

(the little one is teething, and it's driving me bananas.)

i decided to switch to 11 x 8.5 format, and here's my first try at it! i totally dig this new size. (btw, i noticed it looks like on here that i have little "cartoon talking bubbles" above each head in the pic- they are actually tags with our names on it, and it looks much better in real life!)

this was shamelessly inspired by this pea; her work is amazing.

Blogger Sarah said...
whoo hoo! This is adorable! Doncha love the new size? I'm a complete convert. I can't imagine how I filled up the 12X12's anymore!

But, I digress. This is an awesome page! Re-heely cool. And with teething in the background? You totally rock, Mama!

Blogger Virginia said...
Thanks! Oh my gosh yes I love the new size! It's soooo much easier! I already started Emerson's album (first year) in 12 x 12 and I can see already it's going to be hard for me to want to complete those pages when I have these fun sized ones to do! ;)

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