Saturday, August 06, 2005
More pics of my baby

I know you guys may be getting sick of seeing her, but I just gotta share some more pics of her sweetness. :)

My sleeping beauty...


For a while there,

it was incredibly mind-blowingly


learning to be a Mum.

But it's definitely getting easier.

It also helps that my hormones are

finally leveling out. Thank God.


I was reading my friend Rachel's online baby journal (*waves at Rachel!*), and saw her most recent entry about hearing her little one's heartbeat for the first time in the womb. Wow. What an amazing thing, that we have technology where we can hear these tiny little miracles. What an amazing thing, that God entrusts these little ones to US to raise. Overwhelming, and exhilirating. Rach, hang on for the ride of your life. :)
Blogger Sarah said...
She is adorable!!!Thanks for reminding memories of the kids as babies are blurred by the grey haze of fatigue and depression. But there are those breakthrough moments when you think your heart will explode with wonder. Hold on to the baby-ness while you got it! She is wonderful!

Blogger Sarah said...
P.S. That threadbared Blog...OMG! Tears are still streaming out of my eyes! My stomach hurts from laughing! That was the funniest thing ever!

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