Monday, August 29, 2005
Being a little silly
So... I've been posting stuff on ebay in the hopes of making a little extra $$ to take with me to the Atlanta Scrapbook Expo.

I was posting stuff all day Saturday, and was starting to get a little delirious from doing all this ebaying.

My cohort in crime, Ginger, kept trying to convince me that I needed to put these ugly pajamas on there that I had received for Emerson at a baby shower.

Much silliness ensued, and we ended up writing this auction:

Ugly Auction
Blogger Sarah said...
The auction is too funny!

I wish I were going to the Atlanta expo!!!!! I didn't even make it too the one here! Give exit 41 Lee Rd./Lithia Springs a little wave for me as you pass. My old home, and some of my dearest friends are there!

Blogger Virginia said...
I wil give a wave to your old home! :) I understand missing a place- we did until we moved back here this summer. :)

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