Monday, August 22, 2005
Back and ready to roll
Well, we are back from our adventure to the in-laws, and ready to get back to normal.

DANG it is so much harder to travel with a little one. Emerson did fabulous in the car on the way there and back, but the little thing just does not want to sleep in her moses basket anymore, and I can't blame her- she's used to her crib; why would she want to be crammed into a little basket anymore?

It's time to retire it... which is a teensy bit sad for me, because I know it's time for the next growing up stage (which is exciting too).

I took her for her 4 month check up (although she is nearly 5 months) and think we got the whole eating problem thing settled- it is reflux (like I thought it was). Eating should be getting a lot easier for her now that we know what to do. :)

She had her shots today too- which I abhor doing. She sounds so heartbroken when they poke her. Funny little thing though: she is the darndest smiliest baby I've ever seen (and loads of people comment on that too- it's not just biased mommy complex!). She was sobbing her little heart out, and I'm trying to check out, and a nice lady is talking to Em. My little girl stops crying for a minute to give the lady one of her dazzling smiles... then goes back to crying.

What a little silly.

The week ahead:

I've got the week ahead of me with not a whole lot planned... which is really nice. Probably going to help my friend/aunt Ginger paint her living room today (I just love to paint- I don't know why- it's just a satisfying feeling to me!), then Grams and Mom are coming up tomorrow to do some scrapbook shopping at the most awesome scrapbooking store Scrap Etc.

Plan to hang out with a playdate later in the week... other than that, just stay home and get the place whipped into shape (how does a house get so messy when you're out of town for a few days??!!)

Ciao darlings!
Blogger Sarah said...
What a darling girl you have!

It's such a whipping traveling with babies, and I'm glad you have not much on the calendar this week, as it may take you that long to recover!!!!
Unpacking. Ug.

Blogger Virginia said...
Thanks! :)

I know... I feel like today I've finally gotten somewhat back to normal. :P I hate that feeling of trying to catch up.

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