Friday, August 26, 2005
Alright, alright... 5 Quirky Things About Me :)
So good ol' Sarah tagged me with this lil' game... and it's high time I responded. :)

Here it is folks- the 5 things you've always wanted to know about me but never asked.

1. I must keep my toenails clipped fairly short. If they start to feel like they've grown the tiniest bit, it bugs me all day long and I have to trim them down so I don't break out in hives. ;)

2. I love the whole 'salty/sweet' combo- two of my favorite snacks is ice cream with popcorn in it and tortilla chips dipped into chocolate frosting.
Yes, I'm serious and no, it's not gross at all.

3. It stresses me out to have the magnetic poetry on my fridge all disorganized and randomly put on there. I've been known to straighten them into neat columns and arrange them by part of speech. (I'm also obsessive about having my bookmarks/favorite places on my pc categorized and organized.)

4. I'm scared of roller coasters, but I will ride any water ride out there.

5. I hate the way matte paint feels to my fingers & hands.
It feels like a chalkboard to me. Give me semi-gloss any day. ;)

Wow. So I sound really obsessive-compulsive.

I promise, I'm not.


Jada's Gigi ~ tag! You're it!
Blogger Sarah said...
My mom and I were just discussing TODAY how we can't understand people who let their toenails grow long! Uwg. Glad you're with us on _that_ one.
Sweet and salt? Whilst pregnant, yes. Right now? Not so much.
Thanks for playing!! :)

Blogger Jada's Gigi said...
Icecream and popcorn???!! I like pretzels and chocolate but I don't know about that one. :)
I'm up for the tag so check out my ramdom facts on my blog...see you there. :)

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