Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Testing out my ability to post pics in my entries...

(This is a layout of Shaun that I submitted to a couple of magazines recently. I made the chipboard letters that spell out his name... pretty darn fun!)
Anonymous Crys said...
Unfortunately, I can't view the pics here on the arsenal. But you said you submitted it to a magazine? a photography mag or scrapbooking mag? you are good enough for either. Marcia and I looked at your other journal where your art was posted...she was very impressed and is thinking about paying you to do her wedding album if you'd be willing. more on that later. love you guys!

Blogger Virginia said...
That stinks that you can't look at the pics! Maybe you can check them out at home.

I submitted to a couple of scrapbooking mags- thanks for the encouragement! There's a lot of good competition out there, so I don't expect immediate results... :)

I would love to do Marcia's album! Have her send me an email! :)

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