Monday, July 11, 2005
So true...
I read this in anothers' post today. Really resonated with me....

I think there's a certain noble quality to giving up on your pipe dreams, in order to fully engage in the life you've been given. It's more about being fully present for the people who are counting on you- coworkers, your boss, your family. It's recognizing that while life isn't exactly what you planned, it's still pretty darned good and you are thankful for what you do have. You know what i mean...the school teacher who wanted to be a ballerina...the insurance agent who barely remembers that she wanted to be an opera singer...the stay at home Mommy who really feels like an artist. :) They don't go through live feeling angry that they aren't living out their pipe dream. Well, maybe some do, but most either put those dreams aside, or pursue them on the side.

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