Saturday, July 23, 2005
idol worship (or at least, admiration)
I love Heidi Swapp.

I know, it's so cliche of me as a scrapbooker to love her, everybody does.

But honestly, she's so cool. I mean, just check out her website:

She's like the cool girl at school that doesn't know it, and is nice to everyone.

{not snotty}

Besides my vapid drooling over her coolness, I'm also pretty inspired by her.

I started using my own handwriting on my pages (again) because of her, and I got my MIL to bring me a sewing machine this weekend so I can... SEW on my pages- because of her. :)


I'm pathetic.

Blogger Sarah said...
Meee tooo! I totally wish she was my BEST FRIEND! How cheesy am I? She is just the coolest thing ever.

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