Tuesday, July 26, 2005
Do you ever just wake up exhausted?

I have been so tired lately (and no, I'm not pregnant! Wouldn't that be a nightmare right now!).

I know part of the reason is because I haven't been eating great, or taking vitamins.

I just took my vitamin... so check that off of the list for today.

The eating thing; that's just something I need to make a priority. I know that sounds dumb, but Emerson keeps me so busy, that when she takes a nap, I am running around the house trying to get stuff done (i.e. take a shower) and don't take the time to eat. Dumb, huh? It also doesn't help that I have these little demons in my head saying, "If you don't eat as much, you'll lose weight" which I know is SOOO not true. I keep informing Shaun of stuff, so he'll make sure I get adequate nutrition.

Last night I had a killer headache, mainly because I was tired, but also because of waiting forever to eat. Not cool. Today I'm making sure I'm eating 3 meals, plus some healthy snacks.


I've been listening to the Garden State soundtrack notstop for about 2 weeks now. Seriously, every morning I turn it on, hit repeat, and then turn off the cd player when I go to bed. I got tired of it, finally, and switched back to my old standard, Over the Rhine's "Drunkard's Prayer." They are both excellent to create to.


I have been slowly losing the baby weight, and have been frustrated with the whole "summer shorts" situation. Nothing looks satisfactory on me. I decided to make my own shorts; I cut off a pair of khakis that I had to make those super cute Bermuda shorts that are popular now. I must say, they're not too bad looking! It's got that kind of artsy/bohemian feel to it.


I accomplished my goal of creating something before the weekend was out. Of course, they are layouts of my little one. Check 'em out!

Blogger Sarah said...
Hey! Found you on 2P's! I remember the feeling of waking up exhausted! Somehow, the knowledge of it didn't inspire me to give up any precious starlight scrapping time! The kids are bigger now, and that helps. You have a great blog! TFS!

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