Saturday, July 30, 2005
emerson's playdate
we went on a playdate with emerson's friends harper lee and olivia yesterday.

it was great fun and mommy enjoyed talking to another adult. :)

Blogger Sarah said...
Hey! Thanks for posting all those blogs! I find cool ones, and then never get back to them! This could be the start of a serious addiction. Here's another cool one of a non-scrapper:
and my New Zealand artist friend:
BTW- you totally inspired me with your comment this morning, and I jumped up and cleaned the house, so I could enjoy candlelight and french music after I put the kids to bed! Thanks!

Also: your daughter is Adorable. Delicious. Gorgeous. And I love her name! Good on you!

Blogger Sarah said...
Sorry, got that one blog wrong: Petite Syrah is

Blogger Virginia said...
I will definitely check out those blogs. I'm totally addicted.

I'm glad I inspired you! :) Hopefully you had a relaxing evening.

Thank you about Emerson! I'm a little biased when it comes to her, though. ;)

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