Tuesday, May 20, 2008
for my sexy man & layout!

I think it's pretty fitting that I found out this news today, because it was a layout honoring my favorite dude in the whole world... and as of approximately 2pm today, we will have been married for 8 years.

I gotta say, dang it that men age better than women!!! I think he looks even better these days than he did 8 years ago. :) Either way- he's one hottie. And looking at these pics... my lands, we were younguns!

Eight things I love about my Shaun:

1. He thinks I'm the corniest girl on earth, but he will still laugh (albeit it sarcastically) at my jokes
2. He loves to read young adult fiction and talk about Harry Potter theories with me
3. He grabs my butt (although it annoys me most of the time- at least I know he still thinks I'm attractive to him!) ;)
4. He randomly brings home surprises for me and the kids
5. He totally supports and "gets" my scrapbooking, and even knows who Heidi Swapp and Elsie Flannigan are
6. He gtalks with me all day long
7. He makes considers every aspect of big decisions carefully
8. He approaches his faith very realistically and at the same time, takes it seriously. It's a very genuine and real part of his life.

I love him, respect him, miss him when we're apart, laugh with him, support him, and look forward to sharing so much more with him.

Happy anniversary, baby... I've got you on my mind. ;)

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Blogger HoweverAlthough said...
First off - Happy Anniversary! You both are beautiful...you are stunning. Such a gorgeous bride!
And congrats on the contest. I love that layout and I'm so psyched you are doing to be the guest designer for June. I have this fear, though, that one day you will be all famous and Heidi Swapp-ish and forget about us...I hope not because I will always be one of your biggest fans!

Blogger Adrienne said...
Congrats!! And Happy Anniversary!

Blogger Deanna said...
wooohooo! for you and Shaun AND your latest conquering!! SO SO SO happy for you! :D Happy Anniversary!

Blogger Lisa said...
WOW - congrats on the guest designer gig and your anniversary!! ya'll looked great - and still do!! Happy Anniversary!!!

Blogger Nicole said...
Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary VA. And I think you both look pretty good.

Blogger Missy said...
Ah, so pretty! You still look awesome Virge!
I remember me and Kim being big fat and pregnant at your wedding.
Veazers too.
Happy Anniversary. Enjoyed hanging out with you a bit the other day.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Congrats you two!

Blogger Morgan said...
Happy Anniversary! Your dress was gorgeous, that's the first pic I've seen of it!

Blogger jenney said...
Happy Anniversary!!

Congrats on being chosen for the Guest DT!! You ROCK!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
happy anniversary!! and congrats on the layout! it's one of my favorites.

Blogger gimmegodiva said...
Happy Anniversary!!! Would have said it earlier .... if I would have known!!!!!!

Blogger *Heather said...
Happy 8 years to you and your hubby! May you have many many more years to look back on too! And congrats on the layouts winner and gig...so very cool! Loved that layout when I first saw it...so cool!

Blogger Lisa J. said...
Happy Anniversary. Sounds like one incredible man!

Blogger Haley said...
AWWWWWWW! Happy Anniversary and congrats!

Blogger Christina Marie said...
Happy Anniversary querida! What a stunning elegant bride indeed my sweet =0)