Tuesday, June 19, 2007
freedom, freedom, FREEDOM....
the kids are gone to "camp grandma's" for two days so i can get some catching up done around the house. i seriously had not put away laundry in the kids' rooms in i don't know how long. ugh!

i've just gone through all of em's clothes & organized her closet. such a nice feeling for everything to have a place and to purge some. we're getting a trundle bed for her room tonight from some nice folks on freecycle, and we're trying to get the room all ready in preparation for atticus to join her before the new baby arrives. i know we've got some time to prepare for that, but it's best to get stuff done when you can, because time flies by so quickly.

atticus is not quite walking yet, but we keep hoping it'll be any day now. he just doesn't seem to be too motivated. he's such a happy little guy.

yesterday emerson was talking on "her" cell phone, and she kept calling people... papa, grandma, 'ninner' (ginger), kari-ann, and...... strawberry shortcake. i was totally cracking up. she is so silly.

oh glorious rain... we are actually having a thunderstorm at the moment. i really don't remember the last time it poured like this. seriously- a month at least, prob longer. it's like my dream day... i've got the house all to myself and can clean and organize to my heart's content, with the thunder and rain cleaning the earth outside. yay! :)

here's some cards i made last weekend and just hadn't had a chance to upload yet.... they were part of a challenge from my friend karen. i had to use the "wishing you joy" stamp and the blue velvet ribbon to make some cards.

and part two of the challenge is to give one of the cards to someone who lives outside of the state of alabama... so post a silly joke here for me, and i will put your name in a drawing for the card of your choice and a couple of other little goodies! :)
Blogger Nat said...
Commenting from GA. I came to the event this year, but i was too shy to come and say hi. I love your style and your kids are adorable.

Blogger Adrienne said...
Awww, glad you are getting some stuff done!!!! My little cutie is growing up!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Love the cards! Can't resist that hambly can you?!! You've passed the challenge!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I just saw those scallop circles...you are so lucky to have some of those...where in the world did you get your hands on those?!!!

Blogger Michelle said...
Oh yay, that is so fun...all of it...the new bed, the rain, and mostly your nice break from the babes. I was thinking the same thing about the rain today. I was wishing so bad that the kids were away and I could snuggle up on my back porch and read a book.

PS. If anyone wants to use my knock knock joke...I really think they could win!! ha ha

Blogger Amy said...
Ok, I loved the little girl singing...how sweet!
I am jealous of having time on your hands and a quiet house!! What a dream! Plus you know they are in good hands, that makes it even sweeter.
I have a joke, well actually it is Elijah's favorite joke and it is much funnier from him....
Knock, Knock
(who's there?)
(Joe who?)
Joe mama, boy, open the door!

He cracks us up when he tells taht one, of course he is four and everything is funny.
anyway, that is the best I can do!
By the way,your kids are so cute.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Could I purchase three of those "Wishing you Joy" cards to give the G-parents and In-laws?

Old Hinkley

Blogger Andy said...
okay so i don't live out of state but here's a joke for you.

there was this female dog in heat, and there were three dogs following her around all the time. so she said, "okay boys here's how it's going to go. i'm going to give you two words and whoever can use them in the best and the most creative sentance can have me. so the two words are liver and cheese."

the first dog a german shepard said, "i hate liver and cheese."
the female dog said, "well that was good. you at least used the 2 words but it was't very creative."

so she looked at the 2nd dog, a lab said, "i know, i love liver and cheese." the female dog said, "well you used the 2 words but still it wasn't very creative."

so she looked at the 3rd dog, a chawowa (however you spell that dog) and (in an antonio bandaris accent said), "liver (leave) her alone boys cheese (she's) mine."

pretty cute huh!?! my boss told us that joke the other day. it was better then most. :)

Blogger Katie said...
Sooo glad you are getting a break! Cute pics and cute cards too!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I love that knock knock joke! We are trying to teach them to Elliya but I don't think she fully gets them.

Blogger Heather said...
Hope you got a lot done while the kids were away. It is soooo nice that you have someone that is willing to watch them for you for more than a couple hours!!

So I'm not good at joke's, so I will just go VERY CHEESEEEEY for my nephew's sake:

What did one wall say to the other?

Meet you in the corner!

(PS did you get my message on myspace last week?)

camp grandma that's funny!