Monday, May 21, 2007
Happy Anniversary Baby...
I've got you on my miiiiind. (Those of you familiar with Rick & Bubba will be singing this song in your head for the rest of the day.)

Yesterday was our 7th anniversary... Shaun's parents treated us to a night without the kids and we went and stayed at the Embassy Suites in Huntsville. If you ever have a need to stay in Huntsville, this is a GORGEOUS hotel and I can't speak highly enough of it. We really enjoyed our stay there... especially since I got to have TWO naps without being interrupted by crying kids!

My hubby was super sweet to me yesterday too- after church, he mowed our MASSIVE lawn while Em & I snuggled/slept, and then he came in and helped me clean the house and fold five bazillion loads of laundry. It certainly was nice to wake up to a clean house... especially since we started potty training Em this morning.

(So far, two accidents and since then she has initiated three successful potty trips! I hope the rest of the day is this good!)

Pregnancy-wise, I am at that stage where all I want to do is eat and sleep (just like the baby will in it's first months...hmmm funny how God designed that). If I don't eat, I get sick. Fun times. So if I'm not around tons for the next few weeks, y'all will know why.

Later dudes!
Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Coming soon...
around December 30th, 2007....

Monday, May 14, 2007
i never realized...
how much i say "got it?"...

until i hear em saying it about 50 times a day.


(i always suspected it would be "dude" or some variation of "rock/you rock/rock on/that rocks")

nope. just "got it?"


here is some silliness. (ignore my dorkiness.)


*sigh* I soooo am drooling over these. Could I make one myself? Quite possibly. But do I have access to loads of cute vintage sheets? I think not...

Pose Gets Cozy Bookbags: (

Friday, May 11, 2007
Scrappy stuff
not much going on here, just trying to make it through the days... you ever just get bogged down by mundane things?

here's a few little creations i've done lately:

the first is a frame i made for a lady at church- she "commissioned" me to make something for her mom for mother's day... she wanted a garden theme.

this is a card i made using my friend karen's stamp... it's not following the rules of her challenge (we challenge each other with scrapbooking & card making stuff), but i just couldn't resist playing with the stamp already. heheh

(sorry for the overly pink picture- that's what i get for taking it on top of a pink tablecloth!)

getting ready for the weekend... just gotta make it through today and then the hubby will be around to help ease the burden of the kiddos. :)

then looking forward to tuesday... or rather, looking sadly forward to tuesday- i'm getting together with my "lorelei" (my aunt ginger) to watch the series finale of gilmore girls. i can't believe it! (although i do have to say that ever since the let the original writers go, the show hasn't been the same to me.) i've watched this show since it's beginning- when i was 20- so we've kind of all grown up together. i'll miss you GG!
Sunday, May 06, 2007
"Cherish Today" miniBOOK class
Have a moment? It's often hard to do that, isn't it? I created this class with that thought in mind... that time slips past us so often, and the little moments that make up each day can fade very quickly. I think we all need a little fun reminder to cherish the little things in life- to make the most of each day.

Join me as we play with the summer bright colors of the new Autumn Leaves Rhonna Farrer "French Twist" line of papers, ribbons, and buttons. We'll mix in some Hambly, Heidi Swapp, fun office labels, and stamping to make this altered frame & miniBOOK combo a cool reminder to "cherish TODAY."

Class price: $18
Class date: Friday, June 8, 6:30 pm
at Scrap Etc- call 985-9323 to sign up!

(Oh and check out the sweet watermark that my friend Karen had this girl make for me! I LOVE it!)

Friday, May 04, 2007
Non scrappers, beware.
Because the following post will probably sound uber-nerdy to you.

You see, tomorrow is National Scrapbook Day.

(Ok Kim, you can stop laughing now.)

And I will be working at Scrap Etc. 2 (at the Pinnacle in Trussville) to help celebrate it!

We are launching a few promotions for some classes, so I'll be releasing pics and details about my class after this weekend, but in the meantime, here are some sneak peeks:

Monique has been WAY generous with the sales and the things being given away, so you should stop by! You can at least stop by to see me! ;)

And when you do, you might be surprised to see this:

My new haircut! I looooove it! It was time to get rid of some excess..... it takes too fricken long to fix when it is long. Thanks to my awesome friend (and Atticus' girlfriend), Kari Ann, I finally trust someone to understand what I want with my hair. She totally rocks. :)
Later dudes!
Wednesday, May 02, 2007
Tag Hag (as my sister calls it)
I've been tagged by Miss Gretchen, and here are the rules:

I have to divulge 7 random facts/habits about myself and then tag 7 more people to do the same.

So here ya go:

1. It really really really irritates me for my heels to be rough and scratchy. Like, I've been known to get out of bed in the night and go file them if they are bothering me. (Gross, huh?)

2. I've broken my left leg playing Tinkerbell when I was a kid; and my right foot when I was being a klutz in my backyard last December.

3. I love salty/sweet combos... like tortilla chips dipped in frosting. Mmmm.

4. I pretty much have to read every night before I go to bed in order to wind down.

5. I finally got my new computer last week! :) And it is divine!

6. I have 92 different blogs that I keep up with via Bloglines. (Sad & pathetic, I know. )

7. I still wear my toe ring that Shaun gave me the very first Valentine's Day that we were dating.

Alright, so I'm tagging:




The other Ali




Tuesday, May 01, 2007
Celebrity Look A Likes
This is fun! I am cracking up at Helen Hunt, though.... Shaun always has said that he's liked her, and I have teased him about that.... and lo and behold... apparently I look like her???! Hehehe