Thursday, February 22, 2007
Shameless Self Promoting
Mustn't stay on too long so this has to be short and sweet. You can totally ignore if you wish. ;)

ETA: Since Graced mentioned it, I just wanted to let y'all know that the things below in purple below are actually links to various things. :) That way you can check out what I'm talking about. Yay!

Number 1. Ebay auctions. Scrapbooking stuff. Me needing to make some extra dough. Mix 'em all together. ;)
Number 2. Crop Addict March Kit Gallery is up- with new designs from moi!
Number 3. Last weekend, we bought 1.) a training potty, 2.) training pants (in pink polka dot), and 3.) a silva Nissan Quest van. Just toss me some soccer balls to put in the back. Now I'll finally have some street cred with the moms out there.
Number 4. Monique McLean & Scrap Etc. rock my world. I mean, how many things can this girl feasibly do to make the scrapping world a better place? (If you haven't signed up for the event in March- what the heck are you waiting for? I am beyond excited about it!) Gotta do some more designing stuff for the Rave this weekend. Woohoo!
Number 5. Michelle is a rockstar. And she has lettuce on her head.
Number 6. This little guy is the cutest. Ever.

The end.

Saturday, February 10, 2007
happy love ....
i am posting from my grams' house- i am picking up the kiddos after having a three day break from them.

it has been absolutely glorious to stay up late and not have to pay the consequences the next day... i have been actually able to sleep late!

enjoying not having the demands of pee-filled diapers first thing when i wake up in the morning, or rushing around keeping gobs of slimy yogurt from hitting the floor at night as i strategically try to pull Em's clothes off of her after dinner.

but... i'm so very glad to have those chubby little smiley kiddos back in my arms. :)


i'm getting ready to go tomorrow to a Scrap Etc. Inspiration Team meeting- we are getting ready for the final countdown to our big Event in March.

for real- if you are a scrapper, or not but interested in the whole inspiration/art process- stop hemming & hawing and freaking SIGN UP! it will seriously change your life.

and you will leave with some inspiration, LOTS of awesome goodies (I hear that the girls from hambly are gracing us with their presence!!! that's enough for me! lol), and friendships that will connect the most amazing people.

check it out here: Scrap Etc. Event 2007


Ok, back to hanging with the fam... just wanted to check in here!

Oh yeah, and in case i don't get to do this later, here's the valentine's card I made this year:
Sunday, February 04, 2007
The Guest List
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So this is the Guest List- and my photos honestly do not do the place justice... I was just trying to take some quick snaps the other day so I could post them on here.

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It's owned & operated by a sweet friend of mine who went to Southeastern Bible College with me- and she's got great taste. Heck, she hired me, right? LOL ;)

(An aside: I cannot explain enough how awesome it is to get to dress up cute, not worry about getting spit up on, hang out with an awesome friend, and actually make a little money once a week. Such an enormous blessing to my mental health.)

Go check it out if you are in the Birmingham Metro area. She's in Cahaba Heights.

Oh yeah, and a little birdie says that she'll be carrying the "She" books within the next couple of weeks. :) Woohoo!

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